How To Pray Tabernacle Prayer

How To Prayer Tabernacle | Temple Prayer

What follows is a basic outline of how to pray Tabernacle Prayer | Temple Prayer.

The Interactive Tabernacle Prayer | Temple Prayer Manual contains more detailed and powerful instruction.

What I aim to do here is give a very brief overview and show how you can go through the Tabernacle in one hour.

Together with the Lord’s Prayer this is my favourite track of prayer, and the one in which I experience the most rewarding fellowship with God.

The track is based on the layout of the Tabernacle of Moses, as pictured below:
The layout of the tabernacle of Moses


Every day you must come to the cross of Jesus Christ as many times as possible. There you worship the Lord. There you see God judging your sin through Jesus Christ. Just as God judged the sin of Israel through the animals, Jesus judges your sin through Jesus Christ.

1. Say: “Dear Jesus Christ. I worship You for Your blood. I thank You because Your blood forgave all of my sins. All of the sins that I have committed, and all of the sins which I am going to commit in the future, You have forgiven eternally.”

2. Pray this prayer: “Jesus, I worship You because through the blood You have delivered me from the power of Satan and the world. You move me to the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. Now I am living in Your Son’s Kingdom through the blood of Jesus Christ.”

3. Pray: “I praise You God for the blood of Jesus Christ because that blood declares to me that I was completely freed from all kinds of sickness and infirmity. Jesus, through the stripes which You received at the courtyard of Pilate, my sickness and diseases have been taken away since 2,000 years ago. I praise You for divine healing through the blood of Jesus Christ. ”

4. Pray, “Dear Jesus, through Your blood I have been redeemed from the Adamic curse. Because of Adam the earth was cursed. The earth was to bring forth thistles and thorns. That is the symbol of all the failure in life. Oh God, You took our curse on the cross. Because the Bible says that Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law becoming a curse for us that the blessing of Abraham might come upon the Gentiles. So through Your blood I am completely delivered from the curse. I am delivered from failure and poverty. I am free from the curse. I have the blessings of Abraham. I am a blessed person.”

5. Next, pray: “Dear Jesus, through Your blood I am delivered from death and hell. Jesus, You died and You were resurrected. You conquered death and hell. You brought the glory of the Kingdom of heaven. By the blood of Jesus Christ I am completely delivered from death and hell and am now living in the glory of Jesus Christ. I am a member of the kingdom of God. I have the eternal Kingdom in me so I praise God because of the blood. I worship Jesus and praise Him because of the blood.”


In the courtyard you move from the brazen altar to the laver. The laver is full of water. Before the high priest entered the Holy place, he washed his hands and feet. He was cleansed and sanctified. This is a picture of the Word of God and the Spirit of God Who changes us.

1. Pray: “Oh God, make me righteous through Your grace. Heavenly Father, make me truthful. Please help me not to live in lies. Let me not tell lies. Let me he a truthful person before You and before other people. ”

2. Then pray: “Heavenly Father, make me a faithful person. Loyal to God. Make me very faithful and loyal to God.”

3. Pray: “Oh God, let me not break God’s Law, so that I will be loved by You. Make me very faithful and loyal, especially as far as the Ten Commandments are concerned.”

4. Then pray for personal sanctification: “Father, make me holy and sanctified. make me a holy person. Cleanse my heart so that it is pure.”

5. Pray: “Father, give me grace to forgive and love. make me a gentle and loving person. Make me an understanding and kind person.”

6. Pray: “Father, make me a very humble and meek person. Give me a soft heart toward people.” 7. Then Pray: “Oh God, help me to live according to the measure of faith that You gave me. Don ‘t make me proud. Make me live according to the measure of faith You have given me.”


The Golden Candlestick represents the Holy Spirit. Here we throw ourselves in dependency upon Him.

1. Pray: “Dear Holy Spirit, I recognize You. I welcome You. I adore You. Thank You for being in my life. You are my Senior Partner. You are the Spirit of God, and the Spirit of Jesus Christ. You are the Spirit of wisdom. You are the Spirit of understanding. You are the Spirit of counsel. You are the Spirit of power. You are the Spirit of the revelation of the Word of God. You are the Spirit of reverence which gives me the power to reveal God. So help me now. I cannot do anything without Your anointing. I depend upon You. I worship You. I thank You.”


1. Pray, “Lord, I envy the Word of God. I admire and love the Word of God. I long after the Word of God. I read, I study, I believe, I act, I thank You, and I want to teach this Word of God. So, Lord give me a new fresh revelation in my heart. My heart is pantng for the Word of God. Please give me a new revelation.”

2. Acknowledge Christ as the Living Word. Pray that you will hear His voice as your Shepherd. Honour and love Him. Dedicate your self to follow Him.


The incense on this altar is praise and prayer to the Heavenly Father.

1. Come to this place and pray: “I really appreciate You. You delivered me from sin. You delivered me from worldliness. You delivered me from sickness. You delivered me from the curse. You delivered me from death. You are the God who is the foundation of my life. You are the purpose of my life. You are the value of my life. I worship You, the God who created the heaven and the earth and all things in them. I worship You. I thank You.”

2. Sing praises to the Lord, then begin to speak in tongues.


When you come to the Holy of Holies and see the blood on the ark of the covenant, you are in the presence of God, right in front of the throne of God.

1. Pray, “I am eternally forgiven. I am eternally declared righteous. I am eternally saved. I am eternally blessed by His blood covenant. I thank You, dear Heavenly Father. I am now a member of Your Family. I am Your child and I joy in the triune God. I am living in the Holy of Holies. Father, now I have many requests. I want You to hear them and help me. ”

2. Pray all the things you want to receive from the Lord and thank Him for them.

3. Spend as much time as you are able or want to here before the Father, fellowshipping with Him, loving and listening.

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